Cabin Booking - KLM Hospital

At KLM Hospital, you can book a cabin/room while being treated in IPD. The cabin is a private ward where the patient and the attendant stays and costs a little higher in comparing to the dormitories or shared wards. KLM Hospital facilitates both AC and non-AC cabins as the accommodation during the period of treatment. By booking a cabin for your treatment, you are also entitled for various more facilities such as private bath/wash room, private toilet, a small kitchen (depending on the cabin), an attendant from the hospital to monitor the recoveries, etc.


Cabin bookings are subject to availability, in case you haven’t booked it in advance. To book a cabin prior, call our hospital and if required the patient might have to visit the hospital and book it by paying some amount which is not refundable and deducted from your overall charges during the discharge period.