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KLM Hospital is one of the leading and most advanced Gynecology & Obstetrics hospital located in the very center of Soro city in the district of Balasore, Odisha. We exclusively provide health care services catered to Gynecology, Obstetrics which mostly covers all types of women and child care and treatment. The only Gynecology & Obstetrics hospital in Soro having 20+ bedded hospital at present and planning to increase the capacity substantially in the near future.

Patients lays foot not only from Soro, but also the surroundings covering a span of 50 miles only to avail world-class treatments from our expert health professions possessing more than 20+ years of experience in the field of Gynecology, Obstetrics. Besides the above, our Hospital is also engaged in charitable activities, free health advices for mother and new-born babies, free consultation and widest range of pathological tests.

With your help and cooperation, we at KLM Hospital hope to make the modern medical facilities within the reach of one and all those who are seeking the most satisfactory Gynecology, Obstetrics treatment.


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KLM Hospital Reached 1 Thousand Patient Story

Within a year from inception, our state-of-the-art treatment has successfully treated over 1000 patients with a highly appreciating use cases.


KLM Hospital Founded

This is the great year when the hospital was founded and started the basic operations at Soro.